Battery Equalizer 48V Battery Voltage Balancer, Max 4x12V

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  • Battery Equalizer 48V can connect Four 12V Batteries by default, no matter in series or in parallel. the maximum compensation current is 10A. For 96V or higher voltages Battery group, multiple 48V equalizers can be connected in parallel.
  • Intelligent Battery Voltage Equilibrium System – Keep Batteries in Heath Condition and Extend Battery Service Life
  • Intelligent Protection: Reverse polarity protection, Low Voltage Disconnect to Provide longer Battery Life Time
  • 1 Set for 4 Batteries Connection by Default (12V + 12 V + 12V + 12 V)
  • Battery Equalizer is recommended for use in autos, boats, golf carts, motorcycles, solar, trucks, RV’s, electric forklift batteries, and any other battery groups Configuration. Please Download the Battery Equalizer User Guide at Technical Specification Section

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Battery Equalizer 48v Battery Balancer 48v

Battery Equalizer 48v specialized for keep up the voltage balance of Lithium Ion batteries connected in series during the Charging and Discharging process, due to differences in the chemical composition and temperature of the battery cell that connected in series, It causes two battery charge and discharge differences even the battery is idle, also due to the different levels of self-discharge could lead to an imbalance between serially connected battery at charging process, because there are differences, it could make a battery excessive charge or discharge, and the other one insufficient charging or discharging.

Battery equalizer is suitable for Lithium Ion Batteries and Valence u27-12xp . One battery equalizer can connect 4 batteries once a time, if battery less than the 4, the extra cable can be vacant (positive and negative terminal should be avoided), does not affect the equilibrium effects. The product is not affected with battery connection way, no matter in series or in parallel, both can work.

Specification of Battery Equalizer:
Battery nominal voltage : 4 × (2.4V/3.6V/6V/9V/12V)
Optimizing current : 0-10A
Quiescent current: 5mA(12V) 1.2mA(2.4V)
Dimensions : 62×124×27 mm 0.5kg
Protection: Reverse polarity protection
Under voltage lock out : 1.8V

In the Box:
Battery Equalizer
User Manual


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