Watts to Amps / Amps to Watts

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Watts and amps conversions at 120V (AC)

50 watts0.417 amps120 volts
100 watts0.833 amps120 volts
150 watts1.25 amps120 volts
200 watts1.667 amps120 volts
250 watts2.083 amps120 volts
300 watts2.5 amps120 volts
350 watts2.917 amps120 volts
400 watts3.333 amps120 volts
450 watts3.75 amps120 volts
500 watts4.167 amps120 volts
600 watts5 amps120 volts
700 watts5.833 amps120 volts
800 watts6.667 amps120 volts
900 watts7.5 amps120 volts
1000 watts8.333 amps120 volts
1100 watts9.167 amps120 volts
1200 watts10 amps120 volts
1300 watts10.833 amps120 volts
1400 watts11.667 amps120 volts
1500 watts12.5 amps120 volts
1600 watts13.333 amps120 volts
1700 watts14.167 amps120 volts
1800 watts15 amps120 volts
1900 watts15.833 amps120 volts
2000 watts16.667 amps120 volts
2100 watts17.5 amps120 volts
2200 watts18.333 amps120 volts
2300 watts19.167 amps120 volts
2400 watts20 amps120 volts
2500 watts20.833 amps120 volts
Note: conversions are for educational purposes only and are rounded

Watts and amps conversions at 12V (DC)

5 watts0.417 amps12 volts
10 watts0.833 amps12 volts
15 watts1.25 amps12 volts
20 watts1.667 amps12 volts
25 watts2.083 amps12 volts
30 watts2.5 amps12 volts
35 watts2.917 amps12 volts
40 watts3.333 amps12 volts
45 watts3.75 amps12 volts
50 watts4.167 amps12 volts
60 watts5 amps12 volts
70 watts5.833 amps12 volts
80 watts6.667 amps12 volts
90 watts7.5 amps12 volts
100 watts8.333 amps12 volts
110 watts9.167 amps12 volts
120 watts10 amps12 volts
130 watts10.833 amps12 volts
140 watts11.667 amps12 volts
150 watts12.5 amps12 volts
160 watts13.333 amps12 volts
170 watts14.167 amps12 volts
180 watts15 amps12 volts
190 watts15.833 amps12 volts
200 watts16.667 amps12 volts
210 watts17.5 amps12 volts
220 watts18.333 amps12 volts
230 watts19.167 amps12 volts
240 watts20 amps12 volts
250 watts20.833 amps12 volts
Note: conversions are for educational purposes only and are rounded

Convert between watts and amps

  1. How do you convert watts to amps?
    Formula for converting watts to amps (at a fixed voltage) is:
    amps = watts ÷ volts
  2. How do you convert amps to watts?
    Formula for converting amps to watts (at a fixed voltage) is:
    watts = amps x volts


Amps are amperes, a unit which measures electrical current. It can be helpful to imagine electrical current as water in a hose. In this analogy, the quantity (volume) of water would be the amps.


Volts are a unit to measure force. They measure the force required to make the electrical current (amps) flow. In the hose analogy, the volts would be the water pressure. North American homes typically use 120V for their electrical supply, whilst 230V is common across many other countries.


Watts represent the amount of energy produced by the amps and volts working together. Multiplying amps (water volume) by volts (water pressure) gives you the wattage (the resulting power or energy). A water wheel would turn faster and longer, generating more energy if it uses increased water volume and higher water pressure; the same applies to the wattage if amps and volts are increased.


DC stands for direct current, when the current flows in one single direction. A flashlight with a battery uses a direct current.

AC stands for alternating current, when the current periodically changes direction. In Northern America and Western Japan, this usually happens 60 times per second, or 60Hz / hertz. In Europe, the UK, East Japan and most of Australia, South America, Africa and Asia, the current changes direction 50 times per second, which is 50Hz. Power supplied to homes and businesses uses AC supply.

How to convert amps to watts

The Watt’s Law formula is all that’s needed for these unit conversions. The wattage (power produced / P) is calculated by multiplying the amps (current / I) by the voltage (force / E):

Power (P) = Current (I) x Voltage (E)

watts = amps × volts

Example: 5 amps are being sent at 120 volts. What’s the wattage?

Power = Current x Voltage
Power = 5A x 120V
Power = 600W

How to convert watts to amps

Work backwards with Watt’s Law and divide the wattage by the volts:

Current (I) = Power (P) ÷ Voltage (E)

amps = watts ÷ volts

Example: 600 watts are being sent at 120 volts. What’s the current?

Current = Power ÷ Voltage
Current = 600W ÷ 120V Current = 5A

1 kilowatt is equal to 1000 watts

Example: 2.4KW watts are being sent at 120 volts

Current = Power ÷ Voltage
Current = 2400W ÷ 120V
Current = 20A