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Lithium Batteries

LiFePO4 batteries 170Ah Batteries. Battery Management Systems (BMS) available.


Battery Management System for OEM battery system

Battery Management System for that work for certain OEM battery systems.

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We focus primarily on Green Energy Solutions for RV, Tiny Home or Commercial Applications

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Solar Energy is free and clean with a short Return on Investment.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Muller Industries Lithium-Ion Batteries are capable of providing several years of service and 95% drain before battery damage occurs.

Commercial Applications

We service Commercial and Government Sectors with long term Green Energy Solutions. Solar Farms, Warehouses, Charging Stations etc.

Lithium Repurposing

We are recycler's of Valence u27-12xp battery lines; units are recovered from the Trucking Industry, tested and provided to the end user at a significant discount. Spec Sheets Included!



FAQSQuestions Commonly Asked

Yes, u27-12xp’s do not have a BMS, at 2 or more you will need either a Valence BMS, MIUSA-BMSLV or Equalizer

Thank you for your interest in the MIUSA-BMSLV!

Please ensure to read the MIUSA-BMLV User Guide

Step 1. No Converter Required for 12V Systems.
* 24v, 48v etc REQUIRE “24-48V to 12V Variable DC-DC converter”

Step 2. Purchase Product, Obtain Order#

Step 3. Complete the BMS Config Questionnaire

Step 4. Please Allow 3 – 5 Business Days for Programming.

Step 5. Item Ships, Tracking Provided to Customer

Every lithium battery manufactured is rated based on 100% DOD now it is up to each manufacturer if they want to be exact or close enough when labeling. (Ex: 100Ah could come out to 98Ah, 102Ah, 100Ah. It’s all with a certain percentage of variability typical 5%)

We enjoy speaking with our customers and the technology which comes along with Green Energy. Unfortunately, this has lead to questions outside of our product offerings and down the road of Configuring a Customer System.

Good news! We are now offering credits for Professional Phone Support related to RV, Boat, Trailer, Tiny Home or any other configuration. Muller Industries will schedule a conference call, with customer questions submitted in advance to ensure our focus leads to an immediate resolution.

In fact, u27-12xp’s do not have a BMS; they are intelligent enough to log data, but not manage themselves in a “group” or “bank”.

MIUSA-BMSLV provides proper Battery Balancing, Hot/Cold Shut Off, Voltage +/- Protection and coming soon, the MIUSA-BMSGUI. Our Graphical User Interface allows customers to view current MIUSA-BMSLV data, live from a touch screen display.

    • Will the MIUSA-BMSLV protect Valence u27-12xp batteries for Low and High Voltage?
      In conjunction with either an inverter that is controlled by it or contactors, YES MIUSA-BMSLV has the ability to protect from high voltage and low voltage.


    • Will Valence u27-12xp batteries self balance?
      By themselves, No. Battery Management System (MIUSA-BMSLV) or Equalizers are required at 2 or more batteries.
    • Will Valence u27-12xp batteries self manage Hot or Cold Shut off?
      By themselves, No. MIUSA-BMSLV allows for Hot/Cold Shut Off, +/- Cut Off and Battery Balancing.


  • Do I rely on MIUSA-BMSLV to shut batteries down at a safe discharge level or do I use my inverter for that purpose?
    That is up to the installer. We prefer to match the shut offs. All electronics have a percent margin on voltage accuracy, could be 5% could be 10% could be .5% We always prefer to have more than one disconnect for that reason.

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